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Condensate return pump

Condensate return pump
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Product Code : P1M /P2M/ ... /P11M/P12M
Brand Name : Innovative Enerpro Pvt Ltd.
Product Description

 Why Condensate return pump must be used instead ofconventional electrically operated pumps?

Presentlyin some of industry, condensate is collected in the collection tank and thereafter it is being pumped by conventional electrically operated centrifugalpumps. In this process 15-20° C temperature reduce as it is stored incollection tank. While in Condensate return pump condensate water is pumped assoon as it is filled. So there is not significant temperature drop.

Electrical pump require frequentmaintenance, while Condensate return pump have only float type moving partwhich is fit and forgot type.

Electrical pump faces the problemof dry running due to high vapour pressure while Condensate return pump willnever have these problems.

Electrical pump faces thecavitations and pitting problems while Condensate return pump will never havethis problem.


Condensatereturn pump having no moving part assured zero maintenance.


Condensate return pump utilise of flash steam.


Condensate return pump Suitable for high temp.Application. No cavitations problem


In Condensate recovery pump less steam consumption at low pressure.


Condensate return pump Can be operated on compressedAir.


Condensate return pump Automatic venting of Air &Non - Condensable gases


Easymonitoring of Condensate return pump operation can be checked in sight glass.


Condensatereturn pump of Various sizes for different capacities.( max. cap.12,000 kg/hr )


Condensate return pump skid Mounted so easy to install.



Application :


Condensatereturn pump use for  tracing line,radiator, cyclinder, dryer, heat exchanger, vessels, jacketing, Oven, heatingtank

Condensaterecovery pump use for Industries like Pharma, Textile, Automobile, Petrochemical, Paper mill, Sugar mill, Processing unit, chemical etc…